[CinCV TNG] CVO and M4.1 - crash

igor_ubuntu sitelve at gmail.com
Thu Jan 21 14:27:21 CET 2016

Files from http://cinelerra-cv.org/footage.php
  Titler compositing demo
 `swiping-glowing title`.ogg  and  `swiping-transparent title`.ogg

- Load files
- Choose strategy `Create new resources only`
- Go to Resources
- Drag and drop icon of file to `Compositor`
- CVO  crashes

~$ /opt/cvo/bin/cinelerra
Cinelerra-CV 2.3  GIT::fe55a8cf92fae31d970bf4cc024c902ec34df068
(C) 2006 Heroine Virtual Ltd.
(C) 2006-2016 The CinelerraCV Community
Internal ffmpeg
Compiled on Wed Jan 13 13:47:56 EET 2016

Cinelerra-CV is .. no warranty for Cinelerra-CV.
signal_entry: got SIGSEGV my pid=25189 execution table size=16:
    mwindowedit.C: paste_edls: 1433
    mwindowedit.C: paste_edls: 1445
    FileOGG::open_file 60
    mwindowedit.C: paste_edls: 1456
    mwindowedit.C: paste_edls: 1460
    mwindowedit.C: paste_edls: 1501
    mwindowedit.C: paste_edls: 1583
    mwindowedit.C: paste_edls: 1612
    mwindowedit.C: paste_edls: 1616
    mwindowedit.C: paste_edls: 1627
    mwindowedit.C: paste_edls: 1630
    FileOGG::open_file 60
    vrender.C: run: 435
    vrender.C: process_buffer: 124
    vrender.C: process_buffer: 134
    FileOGG::open_file 60
signal_entry: lock table size=11
    0x9c909a8 CWindowTool::input_lock CWindowTool::run
    0x943e590 BC_Synchronous::next_command BC_Synchronous::run
    0x9e80878 TransportQue::output_lock PlaybackEngine::run
    0x9d534a8 BC_WindowBase::event_condition BC_WindowBase::get_event
    0x9cb9828 BC_WindowBase::event_condition BC_WindowBase::get_event
    0x9ffbad8 BC_WindowBase::event_condition BC_WindowBase::get_event
    0x9e838c0 BC_WindowBase::event_condition BC_WindowBase::get_event
    0x997a790 BC_WindowBase::event_condition BC_WindowBase::get_event
    0x9e80e90 MainIndexes::input_lock MainIndexes::run 1
    0x995eb30 BC_WindowBase::event_condition BC_WindowBase::get_event
    0x9cb75b8 TransportQue::output_lock PlaybackEngine::run
BC_Signals::dump_buffers: buffer table size=0
BC_Signals::delete_temps: deleting 0 temp files
SigHandler::signal_handler total files=0
Emergency Stop

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