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Glen MacArthur info at bandshed.net
Mon Dec 28 01:40:27 CET 2015


I have to chuckle a little bit, Cinelerra is talking up their use of
ffmpeg for encoding/decoding which of course is a valuable and useful
feature but Paolo Rampino did this (full ffmpeg decoding, encoding still
requires YUV4MPEG pipe) in his CV GIT branch over a year ago (a.k.a
Cin-CVA). To be clear Paolo's version hasn't been touched for a long while
and doesn't compile with the new gcc5 but he left it at a very usable
plateau and I'm curious if his work found it's way into Cinelerra 5.0..


Danny Schmarsel wrote:
>> "Here at Cinelerra.Org, we are not fan club of amateurs or website
>> squatters, we are striving to create a professional caliber package,
>> whether we call it Cinelerra now or something else, later on."
> Insulting other projects in their official newsletter will certainly get
> them new customers. They really now what they're doing.
> Seriously, just laugh about it and don't be angry. :) We're doing
> something right if they see us as the enemy. Or Einar is doing most of
> it, to be fair.
> I would help with the Ubuntu questions but I left it a long time ago
> (version 6.10 I think). Igor is doing good work clearing misinformation
> up, though.
> P.S.: The unskippable Celine Dion music is godawful.
> -Danny
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