[CinCV TNG] Website: Updated the "About" section

Danny Schmarsel danny at schmarsel.de
Mon Dec 28 00:32:10 CET 2015

> "Here at Cinelerra.Org, we are not fan club of amateurs or website 
> squatters, we are striving to create a professional caliber package, 
> whether we call it Cinelerra now or something else, later on."

Insulting other projects in their official newsletter will certainly get 
them new customers. They really now what they're doing.

Seriously, just laugh about it and don't be angry. :) We're doing 
something right if they see us as the enemy. Or Einar is doing most of 
it, to be fair.

I would help with the Ubuntu questions but I left it a long time ago 
(version 6.10 I think). Igor is doing good work clearing misinformation 
up, though.

P.S.: The unskippable Celine Dion music is godawful.


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