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As on the cinelerra.org website, I did on ubuntu and it worked for me:mkdir -p /opt/cinelerra
cd /opt/cinelerra
wget -P `pwd` http://cinelerra.org/2015/downloads/$TARBALL
tar -xJf  $TARBALL /opt/cinelerra/cinelerra
The tarball is a little over 50 MB.Sure do like the looks of the Video in the Resources window and WOW! it can make a blu-ray DVD !!

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User Binman278
 I wish to upgrade from Cinelerra CV to the new 5.0 version. I DO NOT understand the instructions on Cinelerra.org download page. I am quite able to follow click by click, do this and then this type instructions in the terminal screen but the instructions on this web site either do not work or I do not understand what I am supposed to do. I contacted their support which took several weeks to reply, explaining the cinelerra facebook page had referred me to them for assistance. 
The reply was "Cinelerra CV was Crap, use version 5.0" This is less than helpful and not what I would expect from a support desk promoting what I think is a great piece of software. ..

2015-09-06 13:07 GMT+03:00 igor_ubuntu <sitelve at gmail.com>:

... ..
On one of the RU-forums user posted an answer from support of HV
This user - novice. He confused the sites and version. And the user contact HV-Support with the question about the CV-version.
He received this answer:
the PPA version you used from the Cinelerra  club is old and archaic...
we have made thousands of  improvements ...

cinelerra.org is a much better version
good luck



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