[CinCV TNG] VideoScope and CinelerraCV

Pierre p.autourduglobe at gmail.com
Sat Nov 14 20:18:07 CET 2015

I mean,

The window of the tool "VideoScope" has only one dimensionin 
cinelerra-CV 2.3. It is not possible to enlarge itas needed. The display 
of the waveform and vectorscope arevery small and does not allow the 
examination of the details precisely.

The new VideoScope tool in Cinelerra-HV 5.0, in addition to offering new 
types of displays, it enlarges its scope at will.If I had a third screen 
(hopefully soon...) I could place there the VideoScope in full screen 
mode at all times, or when I would make color and brightness adjustments.

So I think it would be advantageous to allow VideoScope to be resized at 


Le 2015-11-14 04:16, igor_ubuntu a écrit :
>     Now, if it were possible to enlarge the frame size of the
>     Videoscope, I would not have to regularly use a magnifying glass
>     to clearly identify at what precise level reaches some isolated
>     points of my videos ...
>     Pierre
> Hallo, Pierre
> What do you mean ? Size of V.Scope-window ?
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