[CinCV TNG] VideoScope and CinelerraCV

igor_ubuntu sitelve at gmail.com
Sat Nov 14 10:16:39 CET 2015

Now, if it were possible to enlarge the frame size of the Videoscope, I
> would not have to regularly use a magnifying glass to clearly identify at
> what precise level reaches some isolated points of my videos ...
> Pierre

Hallo, Pierre
What do you mean ? Size of V.Scope-window ?

CVO, CVE, М-4 have a fixed size.
plugins/videoscope$ git log ./videoscope.C

commit 555f4f00b2cc295d334f1a02d8c99c01ded5a0ad
Author: Einar Rünkaru <einarry at smail.ee>
Date:   Sat Feb 14 16:47:19 2015 +0200

    Fixed window size of VideoScope plugin

    Plugin windows are fixed size - remove resizing support.

Yes, I agree with you. The fixed size of the window makes it difficult to
work with the signal.
But we can change the size of the window in CVA.

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