[CinCV TNG] CV - Icons

Danny Schmarsel danny at schmarsel.de
Fri Nov 13 15:23:56 CET 2015


> http://irclog.cinelerra-cv.org/2015/11/2
> 18:27:27     <schmatzler> I thought about making a big version of the 
> blue Cinelerra guy
> 18:27:31     <schmatzler> Like we have on the website
> 18:27:41     <schmatzler> Still the ugly green one in the program 
> itself
> :-/) This old icon `blue Cinelerra` is the character of Halloween 
> masks.
> http://gnome-look.org/content/show.php/Cinelerra+Icon?content=43540
> It looks terrible on the site and will look even worse in the program.

It's true, the one you posted really looks terrible. But our logo on the 
website is slightly different:

Someone has taken the original and added a little 3D effect to it. I 
think the character itself looks fine - the only problem is that it's 
too small and not complete.

> In my opinion the  white-green icon is much better.
> https://vimeo.com/groups/cinelerra

I absolutely hate that. It looks like straight out of the 90's. :P

> And for example, this nicely made by Paolo.
> http://savepic.su/6381918.png
> and Glen
> http://bandshed.net/images/screenshots/CinCVsplash.png

Both of them are definitely more modern. Why don't we add them to CV? It 
would distinguish the CV version from the one on cinelerra.org.


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