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Danny Schmarsel danny at schmarsel.de
Thu Oct 8 19:41:53 CEST 2015

> Can you fix the coding style samples in "5. follow the style". There
> are too much empty lines.

It's done.

> It is nice if someone takes care of it. As I remember the generation
> of the doxigen stuff took 8 hours.
> When new doxygen is ready, the old doxygens can be removed.

I've looked for a doxygen template file, but it looks like we don't have 
The one Jens Seidel created in 2008 is nowhere to be found.

Someone else should step in, I don't know how to set one up so it's 
useful for coders.


(sent again because I've only sent it to Einar and not the ML, sorry)

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