[CinCV TNG] Color-managed displays in the Cinelerra-cv ?

stefano buscaglia stefano.buscaglia at binarioetico.it
Sat May 30 20:35:59 CEST 2015

Il 30/05/2015 20:26, Pierre ha scritto:
> Sorry, I did not know this problem using Reply (anddeleting the title
> and all the previous content, before creating a new title and new
> content) just to retrieve the mailing address. This is the first time
> someone criticizes me this procedure to start a new tread, which I use
> at least hundreds of times since I started using computers.

hi Pierre,
this is probably because Einar use a thread organization of emails for
this list, and probably you use a data organization of your email for
this list.

In any case the "correct" way is what Einar say :)

have a nice day

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