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igor_ubuntu sitelve at gmail.com
Sun May 17 23:14:22 CEST 2015

>This makes no sense. When you have 3000 pictures for a timelapse video,
then you collect them into a image list and import that, but you >do not
import the pictures one by one.
>To get to learn the format of an image list, export one second of video,
then open the file in a text editor.

I know this trick.
The problem is that if the user uses the toc-file, the user has no way set
the duration of the image.

>  Can anyone from the developers create  buttons "Go to Bottom" and "Go to
>> Top" for easy navigation through the list of files in window "Load" ?
>> Please.
> It would make much more sense to make the Pos1 and End buttons work
> together with Shift and Ctrl keys.
> -- Hannes
Pos1  ?  What it is?
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