[CinCV TNG] Debugging motion blur

igor_ubuntu sitelve at gmail.com
Tue Apr 14 18:52:04 CEST 2015

Thanks, Joe.
This plugin works.
But please explain the appointment of plugin options.

If I change the parameters of the options I see an increase in the width of
blur of overlay graphics
I do not understand what this option does.

Nicola //Patch to follow shortly.//
What do you mean?

2015-04-14 19:38 GMT+03:00 Nicola Ferralis <feranick at hotmail.com>:

> Thanks, Joe. That surely helps. Following on Einar's previous comment, I
> think in the very short term we can add some meaningful description in the
> manual for Motion Blur. Its current entry is filled with a "FIXME". While
> we look into better implementations, fixing the manual seems like the
> simplest of things for now.
> Patch to follow shortly.
> Thanks again,
> Nicola
> On 4/14/15 11:11 AM, Joe Stewart wrote:
>> Einar has the correct answer. I’m not sure that “render effect” was even
>> an option 10 years ago when I made the motion blur plugin. Nonetheless, it
>> might help to clarify the purpose of the plugin and why it needs the camera
>> automation coordinates.
>> The reason I wrote the plugin is because when I created overlay
>> graphics/SVG titles for my videos and used camera automation to move them
>> directionally around the screen, the resulting output was choppy and
>> irritating to view. So I made the motion blur plugin to take the X/Y camera
>> automation vectors as input and apply a linear blur trailing the direction
>> of the camera automation to fool the eye into thinking it is seeing a more
>> natural motion. This fixed my problem so I contributed the code back to the
>> project (and forgot about it).
>> What the plugin does NOT do is to try and add motion blur frame-by-frame
>> inside an existing live-action video. If there’s no camera automation,
>> there’s nothing for the plugin to do.
>> Hope this clears things up a bit.
>> -Joe
>>  On Apr 13, 2015, at 12:16 PM, Einar Rünkaru <einarrunkaru at gmail.com>
>>> wrote:
>>> Hi.
>>> Figured out at last.
>>> On 04/13/2015 03:43 PM, Nicola Ferralis wrote:
>>>> I have not modified the plugin in any way.
>>> I did not even supect it.
>>>  Using, for example (it
>>>> happens on any file I use):
>>>> https://bomboloni.mit.edu/other/neuroni/Neuroni.mp4
>>>> the crash happens as follow:
>>>> 1. Open the above file.
>>>> 2. select all or a particular segment of the video
>>>> 3. Run MotionBlur
>>>> 4. the plugin panel opens. Leave settings as they appear (quicktime is
>>>> fine).
>>>> 5. As soon as you select OK, cinelerra crashes.
>>> You reached a great problem with cinelerra. It can't be used without
>>> reading an understanding the manual. Cinelerra permits to use it wrong
>>> and simply crashes then.
>>> Plugins of Cinelerra are realtime and non-realtime. It is up to user to
>>> apply right plugin through right interface.
>>> Motion Blur is a realtime plugin and you tried to apply it as
>>> non-realtime plugin - crash.
>>> To apply a realtime plugin you should highlight the region, right click,
>>> select 'Attach effect', select effect and press OK.
>>> Video->render effect can be used for non-realtime plugins only.
>>> Einar
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