[CinCV TNG] Debugging motion blur

Nicola Ferralis feranick at hotmail.com
Mon Apr 13 21:02:27 CEST 2015

Actually, Igor is right. for example, linearblur is a realtime effect as 
motionblur, but it can be applied as a rendering effect with no problem. 
In fact if you follow my steps for motionblur for linearblur, things 
work just fine.

How about just preventing motionblur to be run as a rendering effect? A 
simple workaround is to check is_realtime() in process_realtime. If 
false, than the plugin should not continue (letting the user know of the 
situation). This would be better than a meaningless crash.


On 4/13/15 2:43 PM, igor_ubuntu wrote:
> Einar:
> //Plugins of Cinelerra are realtime and non-realtime. It is up to user
> to apply right plugin through right interface.//
> //Video->render effect can be used for non-realtime plugins only.//
> I think that this is not true.
> My arguments:
> -- For example I applied succesfully the realtime-effect "Oil painting"
> from "incorrect interface" - "Video->render effect"
> -- Interesting article in German:
> http://www.pc-magazin.de/ratgeber/teil-2-linux-videoschnitt-mit-cinelerra-236237.html
> " ..So stehen prinzipiell * alle Echtzeiteffekte gleichermaßen als
> Render-Effekt zur Auswahl *, was vor allem auf leistungsschwächeren PCs
> Vorteile bietet, sofern die Wiedergabe bei mehreren aktivierten
> Echtzeiteffekten allzu sehr ins Stocken gerät."
> I hope Hannes make quality translation of this quote to English
> However, it says that any realtime-effect may be applied by type of the
> render-effect.
> It makes sense for slower computers.
>  From Manual:
> All the realtime effects are listed in the resource window, divided into
> two groups: audio effects and video effects.
> The rendered effects are not listed in the resource window but instead
> are accessed through the Audio->Render effect and Video->Render effect
> menu options.
> In the *render effect dialog* is a list of all the realtime and all the
> rendered effects.
> The difference here is that the realtime effects are rendered to disk
> and not applied under the track. Highlight an effect in the list to
> designate it as the one being performed.
>   15.1 Rendered audio effects
> 15.1.1 Resample
> 15.2 Rendered video effects
> 15.2.1 Reframe
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