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//Plugins of Cinelerra are realtime and non-realtime. It is up to user to
apply right plugin through right interface.//
//Video->render effect can be used for non-realtime plugins only.//

I think that this is not true.
My arguments:
-- For example I applied succesfully the realtime-effect "Oil painting"
from "incorrect interface" - "Video->render effect"

-- Interesting article in German:
" ..So stehen prinzipiell * alle Echtzeiteffekte gleichermaßen als
Render-Effekt zur Auswahl *, was vor allem auf leistungsschwächeren PCs
Vorteile bietet, sofern die Wiedergabe bei mehreren aktivierten
Echtzeiteffekten allzu sehr ins Stocken gerät."

I hope Hannes make quality translation of this quote to English
However, it says that any realtime-effect may be applied by type of the
It makes sense for slower computers.

>From Manual:

All the realtime effects are listed in the resource window, divided into
two groups: audio effects and video effects.
The rendered effects are not listed in the resource window but instead are
accessed through the Audio->Render effect and Video->Render effect menu
In the *render effect dialog* is a list of all the realtime and all the
rendered effects.
The difference here is that the realtime effects are rendered to disk and
not applied under the track. Highlight an effect in the list to designate
it as the one being performed.

 15.1 Rendered audio effects
15.1.1 Resample

15.2 Rendered video effects
15.2.1 Reframe
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