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Thanks for the detailed video.
Please send the original image: snowtown.jpg

2015-04-08 21:19 GMT+03:00 Rebecca ⠀ <beccatoria at hotmail.com>:

> Hey guys,
> Firstly sorry, I ended up much busier over the holiday weekend than I
> anticipated and as such I fell behind testing Cinelerra.
> Someone (Igor, I think?) asked if I could provide video of the Text effect
> issue and the problem I'm having with Wave (a problem that predates the
> beta version but is not reproducible by all).  I also recorded using Oil
> Painting since that was another pre-beta problem that wasn't experienced by
> Igor and hey, I was recording at the time, so why not.
> I also thought it might be useful to record the behaviour of mask
> interpolation + keyframe generation.
> http://www.mediafire.com/watch/33cu1i37laoz0w6/cvbeta.mp4
> You should be able to stream the video at that link (or download if you
> want).
> The first section shows mask keyframe behaviour.
> It confirms the following:
> 1) Mask keyframes are only visibly generated when mask points are moved
> (or "moved" - it is possible to click a mask point without moving it to
> create a new keyframe). Mask keyframes are invisibly generated when
> changing feathering or value.  Invisible mask keyframes become visible when
> a new visible keyframe is generated (i.e. when you make a keyframe by
> moving a mask point).
> 2) The mask GUI correctly interpolates feathering and value between
> keyframes, however, if you do not manually confirm this (i.e. re-enter that
> value on the slider/in the text box), it will snap to the value of the
> previous keyframe when you move a mask point.
> Ideally visible keyframes should be generated whenever any attribute is
> changed, and ideally values that aren't explicitly specified when the
> keyframe is created should default to the interpolated value rather than
> the previous keyframe's value.
> However, as long a user specifies all values during keyframe creation
> (including clicking on a mask point even if it is not moved), then this
> feature does work properly. It's a workaround that's not as convenient as
> it could be, but it can be used.
> The second section (beginning at 1:40) shows problems with effects:
> 1) TITLE.  As you can see, I can only get Cyan, Yellow, Magenta and White
> as colours.  I have no idea why, this works correctly for me in the main
> branch and doesn't seem to be a problem for Igor in the beta.  Let me know
> if there's any way I can further help troubleshoot this.
> 2) WAVE.  This predates the beta - it is also a problem for me in the main
> branch.  But it doesn't seem to be a problem for others so I include it
> here because there was some curiosity as to what I meant by my description
> of the problem.  However, I understand this is outside the scope of merging
> 4.0.  As you can see, the wave itself is squashed into the left quarter of
> the screen.
> 3) OIL PAINTING.  Again, this predates the beta. Again I include it
> because it seems not to be a universal problem and why not.  As you can see
> it is not working at all, although I do get some intermittent "stretching"
> at the bottom of the screen.
> I did not include footage of the motion blur issues (or other more complex
> effects) because those problems seem to be both reproducible by others
> *and* not specific to the beta branch.
> I hope this is useful!
> Becka.
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