[CinCV TNG] Cinelerra Beta testing - video evidence

Rebecca ⠀ beccatoria at hotmail.com
Wed Apr 8 20:19:52 CEST 2015

Hey guys, 

Firstly sorry, I ended up much busier over the holiday weekend than I anticipated and as such I fell behind testing Cinelerra.  

Someone (Igor, I think?) asked if I could provide video of the Text effect issue and the problem I'm having with Wave (a problem that predates the beta version but is not reproducible by all).  I also recorded using Oil Painting since that was another pre-beta problem that wasn't experienced by Igor and hey, I was recording at the time, so why not.  

I also thought it might be useful to record the behaviour of mask interpolation + keyframe generation.


You should be able to stream the video at that link (or download if you want).  

The first section shows mask keyframe behaviour.  

It confirms the following:  

1) Mask keyframes are only visibly generated when mask points are moved (or "moved" - it is possible to click a mask point without moving it to create a new keyframe). Mask keyframes are invisibly generated when changing feathering or value.  Invisible mask keyframes become visible when a new visible keyframe is generated (i.e. when you make a keyframe by moving a mask point).  

2) The mask GUI correctly interpolates feathering and value between keyframes, however, if you do not manually confirm this (i.e. re-enter that value on the slider/in the text box), it will snap to the value of the previous keyframe when you move a mask point.  

Ideally visible keyframes should be generated whenever any attribute is changed, and ideally values that aren't explicitly specified when the keyframe is created should default to the interpolated value rather than the previous keyframe's value.  

However, as long a user specifies all values during keyframe creation (including clicking on a mask point even if it is not moved), then this feature does work properly. It's a workaround that's not as convenient as it could be, but it can be used.  

The second section (beginning at 1:40) shows problems with effects:  

1) TITLE.  As you can see, I can only get Cyan, Yellow, Magenta and White as colours.  I have no idea why, this works correctly for me in the main branch and doesn't seem to be a problem for Igor in the beta.  Let me know if there's any way I can further help troubleshoot this.  

2) WAVE.  This predates the beta - it is also a problem for me in the main branch.  But it doesn't seem to be a problem for others so I include it here because there was some curiosity as to what I meant by my description of the problem.  However, I understand this is outside the scope of merging 4.0.  As you can see, the wave itself is squashed into the left quarter of the screen.  

3) OIL PAINTING.  Again, this predates the beta. Again I include it because it seems not to be a universal problem and why not.  As you can see it is not working at all, although I do get some intermittent "stretching" at the bottom of the screen.  

I did not include footage of the motion blur issues (or other more complex effects) because those problems seem to be both reproducible by others and not specific to the beta branch.

I hope this is useful!

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