[CinCV TNG] [PATCH] close_all should consistently return 0, not 1.

Nicola Ferralis feranick at hotmail.com
Tue Apr 7 22:00:29 CEST 2015

Hi, I was wondering if there are any comments on this patch.


On 3/31/15 4:52 PM, Nicola Ferralis wrote:
> The non-zero return value of close_all in audioesound and audioalsa
> is not consistent with similar calls in other audio*.C and video*.C
> files. close_all is called upon by parent functions that then return
> 0 themselves. If close_all returns non-zero, there may be issues
> where the event is consumed within close_all. This patch sets the
> returns to zero.
> This was a mistake I introduced in commit b7e5b1ae3a, based on wrong
> consideration of the role of close_all as an event.
> Thanks,
> Nicola
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