[CinCV TNG] Cinelerra Merging from 4.0 - testing report

Johannes Sixt j6t at kdbg.org
Thu Apr 2 18:17:50 CEST 2015

Am 02.04.2015 um 15:31 schrieb Johannes Sixt:
> Am 02.04.2015 um 00:20 schrieb Rebecca ⠀:
>> 1) Fade histogram not working correctly.  Fading out works fine.  Fading
>> back in sometimes results in an issue where there is no interpolation.
>> It immediately brings the entire track in at 100% rather than fading in
>> as it should.  This only seems to happen when creating a fade from 0% to
>> 100%.  For instance, if I were fading in from 0% to 95%, it would work
>> fine.  Also when testing to see if it was reproducible, a few times it
>> didn't occur.  The most reliable way to reproduce (this ALWAYS resulted
>> in the bug for me) was the following:
>> Create two keyframes at 100% opacity (i.e. completely visible and not at
>> all transparent). Create a third keyframe between these two.  Pull that
>> down to 0% opacity.  Playback should then fade out correctly, but snap
>> immediately to full opacity after the middle keyframe rather than fading
>> back in.
>> Can anyone else confirm this behaviour?
> I can confirm this, although, I can't reproduce with 100% certainty.

This is actually a bug in Cinelerra 4 that is fixed in 4.1.

-- Hannes

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