[CinCV TNG] Cinelerra Merging from 4.0 - testing report

Johannes Sixt j6t at kdbg.org
Thu Apr 2 15:31:40 CEST 2015

Thanks, Rebecca, this is awsome feedback!

Am 02.04.2015 um 00:20 schrieb Rebecca ⠀:
> Hey guys!
> I have also been testing the cinelerra-beta branch!
> It is generally good news - most features work well.  Here are the
> things I have discovered that are causing issues:
> 1) Fade histogram not working correctly.  Fading out works fine.  Fading
> back in sometimes results in an issue where there is no interpolation.
> It immediately brings the entire track in at 100% rather than fading in
> as it should.  This only seems to happen when creating a fade from 0% to
> 100%.  For instance, if I were fading in from 0% to 95%, it would work
> fine.  Also when testing to see if it was reproducible, a few times it
> didn't occur.  The most reliable way to reproduce (this ALWAYS resulted
> in the bug for me) was the following:
> Create two keyframes at 100% opacity (i.e. completely visible and not at
> all transparent). Create a third keyframe between these two.  Pull that
> down to 0% opacity.  Playback should then fade out correctly, but snap
> immediately to full opacity after the middle keyframe rather than fading
> back in.
> Can anyone else confirm this behaviour?

I can confirm this, although, I can't reproduce with 100% certainty.

> - *Motion blur* - doesn't seem to do anything.

Looks like it's the same in master.

> - *Oil Painting* - doesn't seem to be working either.

Works here. Did you set a radius > 1?

> - *Selective Temporal Averaging* - may or may not be working but grinds
> the system to an ususeable halt.  Either have to kill Cinelerra in the
> terminal or actually reboot the computer it's so delayed in terms of
> response.

Not here. It does something, and it is not unbearable at all. (And it is 
the same in master.)

> - *Time Average* - as Selective Temporal Averaging.  Not quite as bad -
> once actually got the effects dialogue open, but it's...basically
> unuseable.  My computer is an i5, 2.3ghz, 4 gigs of ram.  So it's not a
> beast by any means, but I don't think it should be struggling this much
> with these effects.


> - *Time Front*
> - *Translate*

In these two, there is no algorithmic change due to the merge.

> - *Title* - the colour is now messed up.  Only white, yellow, cyan and
> magenta work from the colour wheel.  It will show the colour you
> selected in the effects dialogue box, but on t
he actual track, you'll be
> stuck with one of those four.

The titler underwent extensive changes. I had to back out the outline 
engine because there is now a new one in Cinelerra 4, but implemented 
differently. Furthermore, we depend on fontconfig, but Cinelerra 4 does not.

I can't reproduce your problem, though. The color chosen in the color 
picker is used in the image in the compositor.

> - *Wave* - messed up - the wave is squashed up against the far left side
> of the image.

Works here as expected (both in the merge and in master). There is no 
algorithmic change due to the merge.

> 5) Bezier curves.  These are mostly working fine, and we are still using
> the style of bezier curve introduced in Cinelerra CV rather than HV.  I
> will admit I do not work much with this feature so I don't know if this
> is a problem that existed previously.  However, I will note that
> currently, if you right click a histogram keyframe and choose "tangent
> edit" it will either crash the programme or default to "disjoint edit"
> instead.  Repeatedly attempting to choose "tangent edit" will eventually
> crash the programme.

Cinelerra 4 has only the equivalent of "smooth" and "linear", but uses a 
different infrastructure. This part needs further work.

-- Hannes

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