[CinCV TNG] Move project web and git to some hosting service?

Len G-B lennyg_b at hotmail.com
Sat May 31 07:42:41 CEST 2014

I'd like to see a move to github.
Although as was pointed out to me,
the project is open source and can be moved where-ever one likes.

> Date: Sat, 31 May 2014 01:36:10 -0400
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> To: cinelerra at lists.cinelerra-cv.org
> Subject: Re: [CinCV TNG] Move project web and git to some hosting service?
> I like github, as it's a little more platform agnostic, it has a good 
> bug tracker and it it makes it easy for people to branch, merge, etc (as 
> it's quite commonly used for other projects).
> As for the track database, is it really maintained? Is it up-to-date? 
> Ideally each issue could be ported to a new system, but practically that 
> might be a very complex task... One can always start with a new system 
> and backporting the issues from the old system to the new one as they 
> come...
> Nicola
> On 5/30/14, 4:43 AM, Petter Reinholdtsen wrote:
> > The current keeper of the machine hosting www.cinelerra-cv.org and
> > git.cinelerra-cv.org, Christian Thaeter, told me on IRC that the
> > current server is unmaintained, and that he has asked for someone to
> > take responsibility for the server several times, without finding
> > anyone willing to keep it up to date, update user access and generally
> > keep the server properly set up.  No one have volunteered so far, and
> > he said that if something go wrong with the server, he will have to
> > turn it off as he lack the required time to try to fix it.
> >
> > Given the low number of active people in the Cinelerra CV project,
> > this situation seem to me unlikely to change, so I suspect we are
> > better off moving the web pages and git repository to a free software
> > project hosting service.
> >
> > There are several around, like github.com, alioth.debian.org,
> > savannah.gnu.org and sourceforge.net.  Personally, as a Debian
> > developer, I like alioth, but I suspect any of these will work fine.
> >
> > If I understand things correctly (which is unlikely, given my short
> > history in the project), the requirements would be to host PHP scripts
> > (the current web site is mostly PHP), one or more git repositories,
> > publicly available in read only mode and available via ssh for push,
> > and a sensible way to update access (add/remove users, etc).  It would
> > also be nice to keep the trac bug database
> > <URL: http://bugs.cinelerra-cv.org/ >, but I have not used it myself
> > and suspect it might be better to start fresh with a new tracker on
> > the new site.
> >
> > Who should make such decision?  My gut feeling is that the current set
> > of core developers (who are they?) should decide if the project should
> > change hosting and where to.  The current setup is fragile, and no
> > decision might leave the project completely dead if something go wrong
> > with the server.
> >
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