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David Armstrong bodcom at netspace.net.au
Fri May 9 09:21:34 CEST 2014

Well, I just called the woman a figurine. I don't see it (her) as 
'naked', just an an outline.
The figurine is the original HV icon, not a CV invention.
Hopefully no one is offended.

I liked the green infill on the white outline.


On 09/05/14 15:20, Dell Anderson wrote:
> I represent the outsider looking in only with no significant 
> historical perspective.    Two questions came to mind:
> 1) What is significance of green?
> 2) What is significance of naked woman?
> If you have to have a naked woman (presumably an homage to the green 
> Heroine on wiki site), Len GB's first submission, which had the CV 
> within the frame, white on black, was good.
> Green color might be nice, too, but unnecessary (not sure of 
> significance of that color, but if it refers to CV's Heroine heritage, 
> seems incongruous to apply the green to the CV but not the woman).
> But bottom line, the CV in the frame is useful differentiating 
> 'trademark' and really nice as David Armstrong suggested it might.
> Just my $0.02.
> Dell
> On Thu May 8 21:36 , Len G-B sent:
>     Blocked image
>     Could even get rid of the white outline on the letters,
>     which might be a good idea as they don't seem to be rendering
>     properly,
>     or at least the V isn't, that's probably my mistake.
>     I do actually kind of like the woman being in green as well,
>     but I'm not sure what the main maintainers want.
>     I've attached another going back to only the letters in green,
>     however! I made the letters thicker.
>     Which I think makes it easier to see at much lower resolutions.
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