[CinCV TNG] Installing cinelerra on Fedora

David david at makinsecurity.com.au
Sat Apr 26 15:22:49 CEST 2014

Dear all,
I originally joined this list in the hopes that some where some how
someone would be interested enough to make a version or a set of
instructions to eventually be able to install on Fedora!!
All I seem to see is a bunch of people trying best each other. I am
simply an end user... I know nothing of programming and very little of
compiling source code.
I do know this though if you guys don't get together and make cinelerra
usable to the likes of me (the end user) this and other projects of
similar nature) will just fade away. It may feel like a thankless
task... and for the most part it is. But believe me there are many like
myself out there who don't have the head for programming who actually do
appreciate the amount of head space required to make a piece of software
like this run. We do actually appreciate the difficulties faced by all
who contribute to get a project of this nature off the ground ... and
then maintain momentum.

I can almost get it to compile on my fresh install of fedora20 ... but
the main hangups seem to be quicktime and ffmpeg is there any one who
would be prepared to hold my hand through some errors and if we can get
a working compilation I would be more than happy to produce step by step
documentation for the cv site for others like my self.

Kindest Regards,


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