[CinCV TNG] [CinCV] End of support for Cinelerra Ubuntu PPA

Dell Anderson design2 at anim8.com
Thu Apr 10 04:18:18 CEST 2014

Thank you very much for a detailed summary, Ichthyos.  I think I have a better grasp of where to look for more info 
(I sheepishly admit I was not previously aware of Lumiera).  I like what I see of the philosophy of Lumiera, as well 
as hints as to the different GUI toolkit (assume both are C++) but sorry to see it is not yet any more stable than 

I'm sure this has been explored, but how long did the domain lapse?   My understanding was that there is at least a 
30 day grace period, but in either case, although I wish no ill will to anyone in open source community, it is 
generally accepted that such a domain grab (no matter the negligent cause) is in general frowned on.   The -cv 
version is clear however, and probably a better domain name after all, it's just that it tends towards confusion and 
an ego battle between the domain name holders I suspect.

So from your post I gather that Michael Collins is NOT the anonymous person behind Heroine Virtual.  Looking at that 
website I am reminded what turned me off years ago.   And it does not sound like a very big company if it is at all, 
perhaps a frustrated genius. 

I am still mystified about the loyalty to Heroine Virtual despite the standoff-ish anonymity etc.  This type of 
bizarre, apparently unequal, relationship usually happens when one party has either scarce resources or rare talent 
the other lacks.  But the mysterious anonymity of Heroine seems so contrary to the openness of many open source 
projects (and yes, I know weird hacker names are still used in many circles, but at least their avatars are directly 
involved rather than behind a Virtual curtain).  Reliance on source code dropped down as it were from the Oracle of 
Delphi implies that the oracle has some source of information, resources, or talent unavailable to the rest of us.   
If Adam is not Heroine, what does Heroine have that Cinelerra-CV community lacks?   Apparently not financial 
resources (which the HV website disclaims with mentions of "Unemployed, flat broke Programmers").  Insider knowledge 
of video codecs?   H.264 was proprietary at one time (before Cisco released this: 
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/OpenH264) , but I see Cinelerra works with it, is this grey zone legal so hence the 
anonymity?  It would be nice to have a little more openness before installing software on ones personal computer.

As for known repeatable stability issues, and lack of safe default values, is there some reason these could not be 
fixed?  It seems those type of things would be easier to fix than adding new features, although perhaps not as 

Bottom line, your philosophy for Lumiera as expressed here:

Makes so much sense - rethink the basic cause of symptoms before trying to put out all the little fires that result 
from those base causes.

I for one am extremely grateful for all the work that has gone into the various open source projects I have used and 
hope that good parts of the Cinelerra community are salvaged.

Thanks again and I think I will have to revert to lurk mode for now.

Dell Anderson
more of an end user artist
than wannabee coder

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