[CinCV TNG] Render error - file writing

Simeon Völkel simeon.voelkel at sfz-bw.de
Tue Apr 8 10:43:55 CEST 2014

On 08.04.2014 00:43, jankomEarthlink wrote:
> Update:
> Render error: I tried replacing $1 by % with no luck. Then I tried to
> compile cilelerra again, suspecting broken codecs, etc. Used
> git clone git>//git.cinelerra-cv.org/CinelerraCV.git <my folder name>
> Please, note that on the web site the command still lists comelerra.org,
> not cinelerra-cv.org, so when I copy-pasted the command it did not work.

Which website do you refer to? If it is ours, we should correct the URL ;)

> sh autogen.sh and ./configure was OK.
> However: make stopped in error: texi2html Option number is ambiguous. After
> googling I found a fix:
> In /quicktime/ffmpeg/Makefile line 127 I had to change "-monolithic -number
> $" to "-monolithic -number-sections $"
> This enabled compile to finish.

Thanks for finding that. It would be great if you could open a ticket at
our trac (bugs.cinelerra-cv.org). As the Makefile should be generated by
configure, I assume that we will have to find the original problem for
providing a good fix.


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