[CinCV TNG] [CinCV] End of support for Cinelerra Ubuntu PPA

Nicola Ferralis feranick at hotmail.com
Mon Apr 7 00:58:30 CEST 2014

Thanks, Magali.

It is the users like you, that I always cared about, not big productions 
or hackers. It is an unfortunate turn of events, but the current 
atmosphere is rather unsustainable, from the way the discussion is held, 
to the prospect of in what form the code will evolve like. For a person 
that needs to maintain it for actual distributions that actual people 
use, it's a plain nightmare.

And, to be fair, given the stalled state of maintenance of the code 
itself in CV 2.2, the current binaries in the PPA will be fine for a 
long while.

Very Best to you,

On 4/6/14, 5:47 PM, magali m wrote:
> Hey Nicola,
> that's a pity because for me as an eternel newbie of gnu/linux system,
> but big user of cinelerra, your PPA was THE place where i could find the
> Cinelerra that i know, were going to work.
> I participated 2 years ago with FlossManual organization in the writing
> of a cinelerra manual and of course we do lead people to your PPA .
> I don't know what's the matter with Cinelerra CV and HW, i like this
> software beyond any wars, but i also know that the world of free
> software with the ethic of opensource and blablabla, do not impede to
> disagree in a negative way and make that things can turn bad, at the
> opposite side of the genuine will of most of the people/users.
> Anyway, just wanted to cheer you up, and i am sure that your PPA did,
> does help and still can help a lot of people.
> Whatever your decision is, i thank you a lot!
> my best,
> Magali
> :)
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>  > Subject: [CinCV TNG] [CinCV] End of support for Cinelerra Ubuntu PPA
>  >
>  > As a casual user (and not a developer) I don't personally have any beef
>  > with neither factions (yes, because, unfortunately of factions we are
>  > talking about here). However, as a user, I am intimidated by all this,
>  > mostly now that is getting personal. I am very uneasy with this.
>  >
>  > For anybody that may care, some history. I barely used Cinelerra, mainly
>  > because of my lack of substantial projects for it. I settled with the CV
>  > version because - don't laugh - it was the only version I could manage
>  > to compile successfully and quickly, without investing a day for it. I
>  > strongly believed that in 2010 to have to compile a program from scratch
>  > to use it sounded to me prehistoric, anachronistic and a horrible waste
>  > of time (for the casual user anyway). Besides for both CV and HW
>  > versions, compilation has been terrible for new Linux users. A complain
>  > is always easy to throw out, so I set myself to help in what I know how
>  > to do. So, just as I do for other scientific software, I created the
>  > Cinelerra Ubuntu PPA where people can seamlessly install it in seconds.
>  > I hope it served some purpose and helped a few souls. I wanted to
>  > created a PPA for HW, but time prevented me to dive in. Besides, I had
>  > no needs.
>  >
>  > Now, I have better things in life waiting for me, with much more
>  > cohesive and exciting communities to be in. I am not going to pretend
>  > that I am relevant or needed (or worst, that I own anything). I simply
>  > am not and I don't. So as of today, I will no longer maintain the PPA, I
>  > won't even look at bug reports and respond to emails. Current binaries
>  > will remain available, but no ports to new releases of Ubuntu will be
>  > made. I could transfer to anybody interested the administration rights
>  > (including Mr. Collins), but I don't want the PPA to be another
>  > battleground for war. So if someone wants to make a new PPA from
>  > scratch, please proceed, it's easy enough being open source.
>  >
>  > With that, good luck on your endeavor, being cinelerra-cv, cinelerra
>  > hw-non-cv or anything in between.
>  >
>  > Best Wishes to All.
>  >
>  > Nicola Ferralis
>  >
>  >
>  > P.S. I'd only ask - you know who you are - not to spam me with requests
>  > of linkedin connections. I won't grant any, because I value actual
>  > personal relationships more than a high count on my connections. You
>  > won't gain much of anything of having me on your linkedin connections as
>  > I have no expertize in arts, video editing, Hollywood, etc.
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