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E Chalaron e.chalaron at xtra.co.nz
Sun Apr 6 23:17:26 CEST 2014

Ho dear !!! this is going too far ! both way ! sickening.

On 04/06/2014 10:31 AM, Michael Collins wrote:
> To Ichtyo (???) and anyone else with his thinking:
> Please, please, completely ignore anything I and we  do at CINELERRA.ORG
> and please return to your ruminations and fumbling around the Interweb and
> your lack of time to do any significant coding much less send me a
> conciliatory or reasonably understanding  and friendly message instead of
> another nasty note.
> Ichthyo, I know people like you who constantly try to make me believe that
> you think very highly of yourself and your contributions. But, you see, I
> know the real reality of people who communicate as you do and I am
> perfectly capable of replying back to at length and to even expand. You
> see, I am a highly paid professional communicator and businessman and  I
> believe in full and open communications and since you are'nt here in Los
> Angeles for me to direct my comments to your face, I will do so here.
> Now, to try to make nice, I have a great idea Icthyo, and much better,
> please go  start a new NLE like Adam and I did in 2001 and which I
> suggested that he do to advance BROADCAST 2000 and which he, in turn, with
> his genius, created  and  called CINELERRA. I have an idea, go start a new
> NLE and special effects  system and call it Lumiere! Now that project
> would be a real winner
> Oh, yeah, I forgot, "Lumiere" (since it was never published it doesn't get
> to be capitalized) was a brutal and bloody and humiliating failure, wasn't
> it? My bad.
> But, you see, the "Community Effort" of CINELERRA.ORG was failed based on
> reality and on Richard's own words and was dead and would be owned by a
> Domain Broker and sold for a few hundred dollars, if I had not stepped in.
> To reiterate,  for the critical first and a half  of CINELERRA's
> development Adam Williams was working at a company which paid him a
> reasonable enough salary and gave him the time to work almost full time on
> it's development. His opening to that position, was created by me. So, in
> some ways, CINELERRA would not have come from Adam without those unique
> set of circumstances. So, way back in 2000 or so, when you were probably
> drinking at a beer hall and singing an ode to your unique superiority, I
> was actually working at the inception of CINELERRA.
> Then, in partnership with Adam, we spent the next several years promoting
> it at trade shows in the US and even in the advanced thinking capitals of
> Europe. And, by far, the most significant contributions made to CINELERRA,
> by far, are by Adam himself, with hundreds of thousands of dollars in time
> and money spent devoted to it as someone would their own child. Yet, I
> never really heard much of any personal outreach or support to CINELERRA,
> particularly as you all ignored the  "community" face of it and basically
> were a disgrace to Adam's devotion.
> To make it clear, I am here for one reason, and that is to support and PAY
> Heroine Virtual and the standardization of CINELERRA  THROUGH Adam and  HV
> and to work with and PAY developers whom we hire and also PAY any
> reasonable developer who can communicate effectively as a human being. If
> we are not quick enough for your tastes to make magic happen for you,
> well, look how long it took you to realize your miserable failure known as
> "lumiere" lol
> You see, unlike some people, I am not the least bit intimidated by
> "developers" as I have hired and fired, over a hundred of them, usually
> for laziness and lying about their skill sets and their performance.  I
> actually don't like developers since most are ill mannered and stunted in
> mature thinking.
> We, which includes  myself and my core development team here in LA  and I
> can speak for Adam, we are here to support the artists. CINELERRA is
> significantly mature already that a real artist can make magic with the
> program and you are not really needed, to be honest. In fact, I would
> prefer if any of you have anything to say artistically, including
> Raphaella, please go say it in CINELERRA, as you will get a lot more
> support from us based on that work, rather than some useless tweak that
> you can't wait to see in the HV release so you can put it on your CV (or
> you will wet your pants).
> So, as you can guess, I really do not care what any of you think, if you
> are like this cat, "Ichtyo". If you want to make a real effort and create
> a standardized version of CINELERRA, the door will remain open to you, of
> course.
> So, to make it crystal clear MR. ITCHYO, you and anyone else who calls me
> a thief or criminal to my face, you will not like what will happen to you,
> ok, you German prick? Now, since it is evening in the Fatherland and you
> are very possibly sitting around pie-eyed from some cheap  schnapps and
> listening to Wagner, I will give you one chance to apologize and grow up.
> But, I doubt you have the character to admit you are probably an idiot and
> that you lack basic skills of communications so I wont wait.
> To the rest of you who also want to rip me, well, I think you know what I
> would say and do if you were in front of me and I don't think any of you
> have the balls, so that will never happen.
> Note: My little secret is that  here in Hollywood, I know lots of Linux
> media  developers who are usually pretty nice people and not assholes.

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