[CinCV TNG] The Domain Debacle

Raffaella Traniello raffaella.traniello at g-raffa.eu
Sat Apr 5 21:56:48 CEST 2014



I've taken my time to privately ask all my questions and think. I now
have an opinion on the domain issue. 

I thank Richard for having explained very well all the story of the
domain transfer. It helps a lot. 

Just like Richard I do believe the two cinelerras (HV and CV) are still
connected and they will finally live under the same umbrella, each one
with their own identity and goals. Or maybe even merged in a single
code, still leaving a place for hackers to enjoy. 

I do believe a commercial/professional effort can help the Cinelerra
development. The risk is that if the project fails to get funded in can
die. That happened to some projects. 

I believe a community of volunteers is great and is needed for user
support and development. The risk of working only in free time is that
the work can be inconstant or passing from person to person. The
strenght of a volunteer community is that is not fund dependant. 

Still I believe what happened around the domain migration was not well
done. We did many mistakes.
The biggest mistake - in my opinion - was that people in charge didn't
follow the mailing list life. 

I was somewhat in charge of the website and other non-dev tasks but
lately I was so busy that I couldn't even read mails. So I missed the
first Richard call for domain transfer.
Richard was in charge for the domain ownership but he was not subscribed
to the mailing list so he missed some messages and he didn't know who
were the active members in the community.
Michael Collins wanted to be in charge of a new adventure for Cinelerra
and wanted to have the community with him but he was not subscribed to
the mailing list so he didn't know the active people, the community
style, the community goals and difficulties. 

The website is part of the identity of a project.
The present situation is pretty weird and in my opinion should be fixed.

cinelerra.org used to be the community home. Any user going to that
domain will believe to be still in the website run by the community (we
700 users). In fact it is the home of another project run by Michael
Collins. Even if the two projects are very close, at the moment they are
still separated. 

The mistakes we made makes it difficult to be part of the same project
just now. I think we have to work on it.
Meanwhile we can know each other better and better define ourselves. 

I mean: 
Long term goal: to make cinelerra CV and HV two sides of the same
Short term goal: to make clear who we are on both websites, making clear
we respect each other. Making an effort to stay informed on our project
lives, subscribing to mailing lists. Making the two websites different,
presenting the identity of each project. 

I said it was a mistake from me to be somewhat in charge and not being
able to closely follow the community life. So I made a decision: 

I officially announce I retire from my active role in the community due
to a lot of production work leaving me with very little mental energy.
This is not a definitive leave from the community. I'll stay a silent
user untill further notice. 

Please, anyone willing to help be active! 


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