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E Chalaron filmtransfer.ec at gmail.com
Fri Apr 4 22:13:32 CEST 2014

Bonjour Haldun
Well ... yes.. the only way out to me is using quicktime then ffmpeg.
Or if you want you can export to x264 via yuv4mpeg.

Again I would stick to full RGB export because I am not even sure which 
gamut is used in Cinelerra yuv system. Most probably 601 but I may be wrong.

Now  Raw to something. Haven't you tried DCraw? I am pretty sure you 
will find a command line for Raw to Tiff and if not, email the guy, he 
is really good and if you miss something throw a bit of cash for a patch 
and he'll sort you out.

Patch by the way :
Did I write a patch ??? that's good news because I know about zilch in 
coding :-)
The only one I was involved with was C41 for grading negative film scans 
and we still need to get it into the official cv git or anyone that has 
a git and willing to incorporate it. My friend Florent wrote it for me 
when he arrived here in NZ under my testing / suggestions.
If you refer to Blue banana it's from Monty if I remember properly.

As for Blender, never tried it for my scans, but if Cinelerra collapses 
then I will sadly have to make a move to it.

A bientot

On 04/04/14 23:02, Haldun ALTAN wrote:
> Hello,
> Writing after what e.chalaron wrote about rendering in 422 with cinelerra
> Is that a possibility now or would or could be ? :))
> a workflow in raw with linux that's what I'm after finally.
> and I was going to ask if there is or will or would or could .... be 
> :)) any possibility on that.
> the clues I have till now are :
> after magic lantern on canon 5dmii shoot in RAW
> go to DNG with raw2dng.exe with wine
> then go to tiff with resolve with free version
> importe in cinelerra
> work the sound on Ardour
> integrate the patch of our friend Chalaron for color adjustements 
> (étallonnage)
> render on ..... (what ?) with cinelerra (super if 422 or more :)) mixe 
> the sound
> then find a way to get on DCP
> Another way was suggested with blender and fixes from a Brezilien 
> director Flavio which seems working very fine but I didn't test it yet.
> http://szaszak.wordpress.com/linux/blender-como-editor-de-video/
> Well ? Any comments ? :))
> Haldun.
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