[CinCV TNG] The Domain Debacle

Richard Baverstock richard.baverstock at gmail.com
Fri Mar 28 07:48:05 CET 2014

There's been a lot more confusion than I expected regarding the changes in
the domain name. That is mostly my fault. Let me start with saying that
things could have been done better at my end.

I have had the cinelerra domain name registered for over 10 years. I have
not been subscribed to the mailing list for the last 5 or more years, and
have not been involved in the project for more. Many of the responses
people sent to my inquiry back in October 2013 I did not see because of
this (Rolf, Christian, I never saw your responses until today when I took a
look at the archives).

Of the responses I did see, there were no commitments to owning the
registration of the domain.

So, to start with, sorry that I did not check the archives to see for
responses - I assumed I would have received responses through CC.

On January 13, the domain went out of service. A number of people directly
emailed me (instead of the mailing list) letting me know of this situation.
Raffaella graciously offered to take over the registration, however at this
point I was under the impression that I no longer had the ability to renew
it, as it had gone into the auction period (I thought it had expired back
around November and had already completed the 45 day grace period). I
suggested moving to another domain, such as cincv.org that might better
represent that it is the community version. Raffaella suggested
cinelerra-cv.org, and that seems to be what has happened.

On January 23, Michael contacted me asking what was going on with
cinelerra.org. I added him to the mail thread with Raffaella, Simeon, and
Naglfar that had gone on about 10 days prior. Michael responded with a
desire to collaborate.

The others on the thread did not respond to Michael to my knowledge (I was
not CC'd if they did). I continued talking with Michael.

On Feb 10, I received an email from a domain purchaser. I emailed Michael
in case he was associated with LMAHD. He was not. At this point I offered
to transfer the domain to Michael, if I could indeed still renew it. He
agreed. Here, I faltered, as I forgot Raffaella's request back on January
13 to also take over the service.

On Feb 12, I found that there was a way to still renew the domain, so I did
so and transferred it to Michael. While Michael offered to pay for the
renewal fees and the additional fee since the domain was in auction, I
haven't accepted any sort of compensation for my expense yet, nor has their
been any offer for compensation other than the expense of the renewal.

So, I made mistakes. I missed emails because I wasn't on the mailing list.
Could we have avoided this? Yes.

I actually regret registering cinelerra.org so many years ago. I wish we
had registered cinelerra-cv.org or some other variation to begin with. The
registration seemed to stir up at least a bit of contention between Adam
and the CV folks, which is never something you want on a project. I worried
that we might be confusing people ourselves, having cinelerra.org go to the
CV version and not the original. In the same way the cinelerra-cv folks are
offended now, I imagine Adam may have had similar feelings (though I hope
we were smoother with the entire event).

Cinelerra CV was never a fork. It's a branch. It was a branch so that we
could make our favourite NLE better and collaborate on sending patches
upstream to the official source for inclusion, if deemed worthy, because we
couldn't directly contribute. I don't want to speak regarding the ideas
Michael has for Cinelerra (I'll let him do that, although I've seen he's
communicated some of it on cinelerra.org), but my hope here is that CV will
no longer be a branch but an official version.

Herman, Christian, if one of you could please forward this to the
skolelinux ML in case anyone has not migrated over I would appreciate it
(don't want to miss responses again). I'm currently subscribed in digest
mode to lists.cinelerra-cv.org. I'll respond as I can, but can't guarantee
a response to everyone.

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