[CinCV] Mailinglist transition

Christian Thaeter ct at pipapo.org
Wed Mar 19 15:01:43 CET 2014

Hi Cinelerrians,

we finally moving the ML away from skolelinux to our own server
(cinelerra-cv.org) this was planned since years. Please don't be
confused when you get Mailinglist subscription mails from 
 "Cinelerra" <cinelerra-bounces at lists.cinelerra-cv.org>

This is unrelated to the efforts Michael Collins does on
'cinelerra.org'. (On a sidenote: I disagree in the why he shanghaied
the website and did it all without contacting the current users and
developers, but he has some good points about stalled development and
website maintenance. In the future I hope we find some way to merge this
project back together)

Hermanr is transiting the subscriptions from the old to the
new mailinglist and we looking forward to migrate the old ML archives

The webinterface for the new ML is at:

Herman will move the subscriptions over, you don't need to take action.


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