[CinCV] Announcement from Michael Collins (the new registrant of cinelerra.org)

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Tue Mar 18 22:19:20 CET 2014


I'm not sure how Mr. Montgomery essentially saying 'let's wait and see' is
either insecure or any sort of 'screed' to take offense to. I'm also not
sure what all the negative comments are good for with regards to the
existing developers and those who have supported the new CV domain and
hosting during a period of uncertainty with fractured communications
exacerbated by a malfunctioning mailing list.

Is improvement and 'new life' needed in this project... unequivocally yes!
Are some more current and effective means for both developers and users to
access information needed...absolutely!

I for one am deeply appreciative for all of the core developers and
supporters of the CV branch whose hard work and determination have made
Cinelerra accessible and usable to myself and numerous others for years
now especially during the years when Mr. Williams despite his obvious
brilliance seemed completely ambivalent to whether people could use and
enjoy his work for themselves...

People naturally fear the unknown, the people that are left and still
reading this are here because they love Cinelerra and therefore I don't
think it should come as too much of a surprise (or be taken personally at
all) that there is some concern about what the intentions of the owner of
their former domain are...

I think everyone in both camps should cut each other a bit of slack and
think about what is best for both branches of Cinelerra in the future,
that is just an opinion from a supporter, distributor and packager of
Cinelerra-CV so take it or leave it,

Best Regards, Glen MacArthur - AV Linux Maintainer

> The recent insecure screed from Mr. Montgomery is very peculiar.  When I
> "grabbed" Cinelerra.Org, it was a website which which was literally
> abandoned and about to go to a Domain Auction since none of you on the
> list, over a several month period, refused to "grab" and do something with
> it on your own.  So, Mr. Montgomery is clearly wrong on that count.
> Now, regarding not doing anything in the first few weeks after the
> transfer, I made it clear from the beginning that the re-build was going
> to take some time and the plan was to release it before an important media
> convention in April. Since none of you showed any interest to update it on
> your own, I did not see any reason to make any immediate changes for your
> benefit. The plan to release the first stage of the re-write for a
> specific purpose at the trade show is still in effect. Considering nobody
> from the list has really bothered to extend themselves with any ideas or
> direction, except in a somewhat cursory fashion to me since my opening
> statements on the website itself and in a few e-mails directed to the most
> recent "active" list members I am assuming everyone is following Mr.
> Montgomery's lead and sitting back and watching. My specific purpose in
> contacting so-called active members of the list ahead of time is because I
> have a significant commitment from a major sponsor which I will release
> over the next month to responsible parties working on important pieces of
> Cinelerra. If no one has any openness nor cooperative nature towards me
> and the direction I want to take things here, I wont bother you. So, I
> will hold off on pursuing that level of cooperation as everyone would
> prefer to follow Mr. Montogomery's lead and "watch".
> Finally, considering that Cinelerra as a concept was originally an  idea,
> which I first suggested to Adam Williams as the next stage of his already
> published Broadcast 2000, I am not going to apologize to anyone for
> "grabbing" a moribund and failed project  and trying to breath  life into
> it on my own time, money, and support. Particularly, since I have
> personal stake in Cinelerra which pre-dates any of the efforts of anyone
> on the list, except for Adam himself. I do recall with a big splash that
> many of you left Cinelerra entirely to start a new project which stalled
> to a halt quite a while ago.  So, maybe that option is still out there for
> those who don't like me or my style. The only key element you will never
> have is the far-reaching and inspired leadership of a great and historic
> inventor and innovator like Adam Williams.
> Developers I have worked with for years here on the West Coast  have  a
> strong interest in supporting a new direction for Cinelerra which will
> include extensive support for Adam's work and also from members of the
> community who will likely be new members and older members after they have
> stopped "watching". After these first few weeks I can see why the site was
> dead and  I can see why Adam's response to so much of what has gone on
> here is probably and usually a very generous "meh".
>> When I said 'I didn't mind' it was more 'doesn't really affect me'.
>> I haven't seen Michael do anything yet aside from grab the domain and
>> send mail.   If he turns out to pour time and energy into Cinelerra,
>> then we can decide if it's good for the project or not.  Or maybe
>> that's the last we're going to hear from him. In which case, the
>> proper reaction is probably an Adam-like 'meh'.
>> My take is send mail, say hello, and go about our business for now.
>> Monty
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