[CinCV] Announcement from Michael Collins (the new registrant of cinelerra.org)

E Chalaron e.chalaron at xtra.co.nz
Tue Mar 18 21:49:09 CET 2014

I think Michael has a point; nothing happened to Cinelerra cv for how 
long ? The simple fact he grabbed the domain shows that nobody was sadly 
following up on the project, including me !
A lot of development and efforts (documentation, .deb or rpms) have been 
put into the project, there has been at least 2 important (to me) 
plugins (blue banana and C41) which have been released and nowhere to be 
seen on, for say, packman repos because there is no one to put them into 
an official git repo. There is probably more code that is missing out.

Grab the gits : Well really ? I am not a developer and I don't crack a 
woody compiling code. I can't bother spending endless hours trying to 
figure out how to compile them and why it works on Ubuntu and not Debian 
etc... How many people are put off by this step ?  Most people I know 
here in Wellington can't bother getting into the code side of things. 
They just want a software that works. Why do you think Mac platforms are 
so popular for video editing?

Now... what is the point of having several gits with plenty of new code 
to be ignored by main distros ??? People are afraid of many cinelerra cv 
versions ? Well, it's already done isn't it ?

Conversely if it is to turn the cv version into a commercial venture, 
then there is the version from A. Williams  who has been complaining of 
being flat broke for the last many years.
So Michael if that's the case and since you seem to know Adam why don't 
you work with him on his version ? This is where I don't understand your 
interest in the CV project.

Alternative ? there is Kdenlive but nowhere as efficient (no renderfarm, 
video specific formats, low end colour correction, crappy stabilisation, 
limited colour space etc ..)
As for Lumiera... I hope it's not gonna be obsolete by the time it is 
Blender ?? Good luck ...

That was an end user point of view.


On 17/03/14 10:28, Michael Collins wrote:
> Again, I thank everyone for their past and future efforts. But,
> it is time for Cinelerra to grow up and reach its potential.   I think we
> can agree on that point.

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