[CinCV] Announcement from Michael Collins (the new registrant of cinelerra.org)

Scott Serr serrs at theserrs.net
Fri Mar 14 18:33:22 CET 2014

> So how to proceed?
> Diverting the cinelerra community even further will certainly be the
> death of the community project. IMO the only ones who can decide on
> this are the people who are actually involved with the project.
> Recently that are Einar and Monty because they did some coding and
> Raffa as she holds the cinelerra-cv.org domain. Anyone else? just speak
> up if you feel to be ignored.
> I think only one site should remain, either we redirect
> cinelerra-cv.org to cinelerra.org and let Michael handle the stuff,
> shutting our server down, or we ask him to collaborate with us and
> forward cinelerra.org to our server. Did I miss any other option?
> Monty told on IRC that he won't mind if Michael takes over. Einar and
> Raffa, what do you think?
> I kept the Server running (even if it was poorly paied) because I don't
> want the project die. Michaels action now changed the situation. Now
> letting the project split up may make it worse. This case should be
> settled ASAP. Awaitung your opinions.
> 	Christian

I'm definitely not active, but you said "just speak up."  The last time 
I used Cinelerra was 3 years ago, but have fond memories and wish to use 
it again.

To your credit, you are all taking the high road with - lets wait and 
see what Michael has planned.  My thoughts: if he had really good 
intentions he would have gone about this in a different way.  Yes, snag 
the domain but before unveiling a new direction... he needed to become 
part of the community.

Freevo, another FOSS project that I was a great advocate of, has 
officially been halted based on lack of development.  It died from being 
too difficult to setup and having much easier (but less flexible) 
alternatives.  A dependable Cinelerra, was always a trick to get setup 
for me.  When Pitivi and friends are just a few clicks away in 
Ubuntu/Mint, it takes a special person or need for folks to find 
Cinelerra and get it working.  The flavors of Cinelerra tend to make it 
more diluted in the market of FOSS NLE.  When a person doesn't know 
where to go to "get Cinelerra", it looks like a dying project.  :(

I can help a little with this project, but that's a different subject 
I'll leave for later.


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