[CinCV] apache config updated, irclog and trac are back.

Bhikkhu Mettavihari tv.lists at gmail.com
Sat Mar 8 15:18:57 CET 2014


On Fri, Mar 7, 2014 at 7:57 PM, Simeon Völkel <simeon.voelkel at sfz-bw.de>wrote:

> Hi all,
> while investigating the whereabouts of irclog.cinelerra-cv.org I
> recognized
> that the apache configs still use cinelerra.org as ServerName and inside
> RewriteRules.
> @Metta (and everyone else who has root on the server):
> You find a diff of my changes in
> /root/docs/apache2_sites-available_update_to_cinelerra-cv.SimAV.*
> irclog.cinelerra-cv.org
> and
> bugs.cinelerra-cv.org
> are back now.


> Please note that my changes can't fix the tons of hardcoded bad/outdated
> links on the website. That needs separate manual/scripted fixing and might
> be done best after moving the website to git, so all changes get documented
> automatically?

I can slowly fix the many links as we get on.
But someone need to setup the git and tell me how to use it.
I am not familiar with git.

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