[CinCV] Sincere thanks and GIT Repo links needed

Herman Robak herman.robak at gmail.com
Wed Mar 5 17:40:20 CET 2014

(cc-ing to sender, as the mailing list can lag several days!)

På Wed, 05 Mar 2014 17:31:30 +0100, skrev MGV-AV Linux <info at bandshed.net>:

> Hi,
> I realize that CinelerraCV is in a real state of flux right now and there
> is so much to do and too few to do it. My sincere thanks to Christian,
> Raffa, Rebecca, Herman, Bhikkhu and any others I have missed doing their
> best to pitch in and help.


> I can't seem to get working GIT URLS to either Monty or Einar's branches
> and would very much like to build and help test them.

Can you get to this?

> Monty's branch in particular gives me all kinds of weird GIT  
> authorization errors.

You mean the one hosted on xiph.org?

> If nobody has time to fix them on the site itselfI would appreciate  
> someone
> replying to this email with current working links.
> Sincere thanks, Glen MacArthur - AV Linux Maintainer

If you need some hand-holding you may hail the #cinelerra
IRC channel of the Freenode network.

Herman Robak

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