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Raffaella Traniello raffaella.traniello at g-raffa.eu
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I don't know anything about that. I'm as surprised as you. 

I offered my help to maintain the domain cinelerra.org in case Adam was
interested but I got no feedback. 



Il 02.03.2014 12:25 Christian Thaeter ha scritto: 

> Who holds cinelerra.org now? adam?
> there is a News announcement:
> Feb 21, 2014
> * In association with Heroine Virtual, the Cinelerra.Org developers
> group, and Linux Media Arts, the Cinelerra-CV development fork is being
> re-fashioned and re-designed with a release date for the new site to be
> announced and published prior to NAB 2014. The future of the site will
> include much closer associations with film and televisions studios,
> science and visualization research centers, media industry, the tech
> community, and Heroine Virtual, Ltd..
> As part of this change, goals and improved financial incentives will be
> presented to the community to encourage rapid development. Much
> gratitude is extended to everyone who contributed to this site and the
> development of Cinelerra in the past and an invitation to continue your
> important work will be formally extended in the near future. We will be
> contacting the current mailing list over the next few weeks as our
> progress evolves.
> Address any inquiries and requests to: info at cinelerra.org. Suggestions,
> joint ventures, business and research proposals are highly encouraged.
> Thank you. 
> I am not aware of any such plans (which might be just ok if something
> happend on my back). But nothing has been announced on IRC or on the
> Mailinglist. Is this some scam? The domain is shadowed, the website is
> hosted by some unknown provider. Can anyone give me an explanation?
> Christian
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