[CinCV] wtf old cinelerra.org

Christian Thaeter ct at pipapo.org
Sun Mar 2 12:25:39 CET 2014

Who holds cinelerra.org now? adam?

there is a News announcement:

Feb 21, 2014
* In association with Heroine Virtual, the Cinelerra.Org developers
group, and Linux Media Arts, the Cinelerra-CV development fork is being
re-fashioned and re-designed with a release date for the new site to be
announced and published prior to NAB 2014. The future of the site will
include much closer associations with film and televisions studios,
science and visualization research centers, media industry, the tech
community, and Heroine Virtual, Ltd..

As part of this change, goals and improved financial incentives will be
presented to the community to encourage rapid development. Much
gratitude is extended to everyone who contributed to this site and the
development of Cinelerra in the past and an invitation to continue your
important work will be formally extended in the near future. We will be
contacting the current mailing list over the next few weeks as our
progress evolves.

Address any inquiries and requests to: info at cinelerra.org. Suggestions,
joint ventures, business and research proposals are highly encouraged.
Thank you. 

I am not aware of any such plans (which might be just ok if something
happend on my back). But nothing has been announced on IRC or on the
Mailinglist. Is this some scam? The domain is shadowed, the website is
hosted by some unknown provider. Can anyone give me an explanation?


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