[CinCV] cinelerra fork.

Einar Rünkaru cinelerra at skolelinux.no
Thu, 27 Jan 2011 18:44:47 +0200


A few remarks

On Thu, Jan 27, 2011 at 2:30 PM, Ichthyostega <prg@ichthyostega.de> wrote:
> yosepkey schrieb:
>> My idea is to make cinelerra more pleasing to the eye and more functional.
> ...
>> I know that the graphical environment is internal cinelerra, but that creates
>> problems, I think it could use qt or gtk.
>> OpenShot, PiTiVi and Kdenlive are based on MLT, which is fine, but I think
>> that cinelerra is better. (is my opinion).
>> I imagine an aspect of OpenShot, with the power of cinelerra, more 3D, and
>> some improvements, and it would incredible.
> the greatest problem you get to face immediately is that you can't just
> reconfigure Cinelerra, add some new functionality here and there and put
> a new GUI "on top". The reason is, that obviously (just judging from the
> existing source code -- I am not the original author) Cinelerra wasn't
> written with that option in mind. It provides some very limited extension
> points (plug-ins for effects), but that's it. All the rest was thought out
> as a whole and works as a whole.

Cinelerra is built around Its gui and quicktime4linux. Replacing any
of both is almost impossible. Better is to start from scratch.

Of course it is possible to create a new theme.
> But it is open source, after all. You can do / try / change anything you
> want. Moreover, Cinelerra-CV now uses the Git version management system
> which actively encourages a distributed and experimental proceeding.
> You may try out some tiny changes, other people may like them and integrate
> them in their version, and after some time, hopefully the whole ecosystem
> has been improved.
> Anyway, if you try to do more disruptive changes, very likely you'll find
> yourself in a different and somewhat strange situation, which might be difficult
> to understand from outside: to put it by a metaphor: you will find yourself
> like chasing the backlights of a huge train going on its own account.
> Not that this is impossible, but maybe it requires some more forethought ;-)
I am currently just forking away from mainline. So far I have changed
locking from 'almost locked' to 'almost unlocked'. Currently I am
trying to replace framerate based timing with pts/duration timing in
core part of Cinelerra. Also fixing bugs I find. Anyone who wants to
join is welcome. Patches can be sent to this mailing list.