[CinCV] cinelerra fork.

Ichthyostega cinelerra at skolelinux.no
Thu, 27 Jan 2011 13:30:26 +0100

yosepkey schrieb:
> My idea is to make cinelerra more pleasing to the eye and more functional.
> I know that the graphical environment is internal cinelerra, but that creates
> problems, I think it could use qt or gtk.

> OpenShot, PiTiVi and Kdenlive are based on MLT, which is fine, but I think
> that cinelerra is better. (is my opinion).

> I imagine an aspect of OpenShot, with the power of cinelerra, more 3D, and
> some improvements, and it would incredible.

the greatest problem you get to face immediately is that you can't just
reconfigure Cinelerra, add some new functionality here and there and put
a new GUI "on top". The reason is, that obviously (just judging from the
existing source code -- I am not the original author) Cinelerra wasn't
written with that option in mind. It provides some very limited extension
points (plug-ins for effects), but that's it. All the rest was thought out
as a whole and works as a whole.

But it is open source, after all. You can do / try / change anything you
want. Moreover, Cinelerra-CV now uses the Git version management system
which actively encourages a distributed and experimental proceeding.
You may try out some tiny changes, other people may like them and integrate
them in their version, and after some time, hopefully the whole ecosystem
has been improved.

Anyway, if you try to do more disruptive changes, very likely you'll find
yourself in a different and somewhat strange situation, which might be difficult
to understand from outside: to put it by a metaphor: you will find yourself
like chasing the backlights of a huge train going on its own account.
Not that this is impossible, but maybe it requires some more forethought ;-)

Hermann V.