Christian Thaeter cinelerra at skolelinux.no
Wed, 15 Aug 2007 00:28:58 +0200

marquitux caballero wrote:
> in the comunity very cool people tried to explain me thos things, but
> they seems to be very focused in specific issues, and those BASIC
> things, are not important  in this part of the coding process, and they
> told me those things are BUGs... really? bugs? or bad plannig, or even
> no global vision?

Few people from IRC gathered together to plan a rewrite/redesign of what
ought to become 'Cinelerra 3'.

Please take a look at:

So far we have very cool ideas about a new design which allows a lot of
things which are currently not possible, some coding has started but
this is rather in a experimental, preparation phase.

The downside is that we massively lack developers, unfortunally many
previous contributors fallen away because they finished university, got
new jobs or whatever. We aim to make cinelerra3 a open project where
anyone can join and help as much as possible! If you are coder and
interested, just join us.

I've send a http://www.pipapo.org/pipawiki/Cinelerra3/Announcement about
this 'cinelerra 3' project to all developers, so far the responses where
very sparse but postive.

A note to all 'users' reading this: Please refrain from sending feature
request and ideas to us, its way to early and only costs our time to
explain that we consider this things later. Ichthyo and me decided to
design cin3 from ground up. Interested people should start by checking
out the git repositories and review what is there. If you know how to do
things better ask the responsive author of the current thing on IRC or
via mail and do a discussion with the involved people about it. Speaking
for me, I would like to see improvements and new ideas, but I don't want
to become overthrown by people just dropping ideas and then disappear.

Further note about HV's involvement: I informed him at first about this
ideas, but his responses are sparse as usual. It is clear that this may
only become Cinelerra 3 if he acknowledge on this project at some time
and he is invited to join and contribute whenever and as much he wants
to do (we aim to reuse code and ideas from cin2 anyways). Cinelerra is a
heroinewarrior project, Cinelerra CV is a (friendly) fork of it, we
don't want to take over the project, our goal is just to make the best
free Linux Video editor in existence :).