[Cinelerra-cvs] Re: The aims and goals of the Cinelerra CVS.

Michael Collins lmacorp@lmahd.com
Mon, 5 May 2003 07:56:50 -0700 (PDT)

Dear Herman,

If your team is interested in focusing on the DV aspects of CINELERRA,
with all of the goals you have suggested, it will be most encouraged from
LMA. As you may know, we have the highest regard for CINELERRA and its
potential. Cooperative efforts are always interesting and encouraged from
our stanpoint.  The CINELERRA project, is an anormous task and the HEROINE
WARRIOR developer Adam Williams is doing amazing works, against the odds.
Im sure any contributions,  from a development stanpoint, will probably be
very interesting to him.
As you may have seen, from  the HEROINE WARRIOR and the LMA  website,
our real mission is to make uncompressed video and film production
affordable for the customers who are now using the DV format, as well as,
those using uncompressed systems now. The educational market is quite
interesting to us, as well. In fact, we have relationships with three
in the US to build Linux based video production systems part of their
learning environment, including UCLA and Baylor University.  So, any work
you may have done or will do for this market, will certainly be
appreciated. In fact, we hope to create an environment where your work can
be encouraged, celebrated, a d renumerated. What is your timeline for



Michael Collins

Linux Media Arts



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